TriviaHive | Results

TriviaHive | Results

Friday, September 8, 2017

5:43 PM

What food product do 83 percent of Americans buy on a regular basis?

· Coffee

· Spam

· Ice cream

· Peanut butter

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· Coffee 41.7%

· Spam 9.49%

· Ice cream 13.4%

· Peanut butter 35.3%

The taste of peanut butter has become a versatile culinary addition to snacks and foods, from traditional sandwiches to sophisticated dishes. The peanut was first known as far back as 950 B.C. in South America, probably Brazil. The Incas made peanuts into a paste, and peanuts are found in tombs of mummies in Peru. It’s believed peanuts found their way to the American colonies by way of trade with Spain. Source:

Peanut butter – answer

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